Upcoming Event: Mobile Food Rodeo

I love food trucks. Even though it’s become a completely oversaturated industry, I still will always appreciate my ability to purchase frybread from Off the Rez at 2am on a weekend, try a pork shoulder taco from Contigo (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), or grab some bbq mac ‘n’ cheese from Pinky’s. Last Spring, I went to the first Seattle Mobile Food Rodeo, which was basically a food truck lover’s dream come true. Over 35 trucks teamed up one Sunday at the Fremont Sunday Market, and it was well worth the lines and crowds to get a chance to try so much goodness.

This is the only picture I took last year, clearly I was too busy stuffing my face.

My favorite part about going? I only paid $5 the whole day. And believe me, I ate far more than $5 worth of food. Last year, event-goers that downloaded an app called LevelUp got credit at all of the participating trucks. LevelUp is an app that allows you to pay at participating restaurants, trucks, etc. It was launched around the time of the rodeo last year, so they used the event to promote the app. By downloading the app, I got a $5 credit I could use anywhere, and most trucks had a $2-$5 credit in addition to that initial $5. Not all of the food trucks participated in the use of LevelUp (hence why I spent $5), but the majority did. It made it super easy to pay, and I didn’t have to worry about having cash. It was definitely a great opportunity for theĀ LevelUp team to promote themselves.

This year, the Mobile Food Rodeo is back for their spring edition of food truck glory. On May 5th (yeah, Cinco de Mayo), Seattleites can check out over 35 food trucks, a craft beer garden, and a special Cinco de Mayo taco truck area (complete with live music and a tequila bar). Admission is free, but VIF passes (starting at $25) are available for those that want special perks. VIF members get to come at 11 (an hour before the general public) and get to beat the huge lines that everyone else has to wait in. Worth it? For $25+, it’s not for everyone, but there are luckily a few options to win free VIF passes on the Mobile Food Rodeo Facebook page leading up to the event.

There are plenty of Seattle food truck favorites that will be there, but there will also be a lot of new trucks. Included on the newbie list, some of my favorites are Roxy’s Waffle Wagon, Grilled Cheese Experience, How Pickle Got Out of a Jam, and Evolution Revolution. A complete list of the food trucks can be found on the Mobile Food Rodeo website.

Find out more about the Mobile Food Rodeo:
Mobile Food Rodeo Facebook Page
Event Page


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