Vostok Aims to Bring Soviet Flair to the Capitol Hill Dining Experience

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed on my personal blog are in no way a reflection of my employer’s.

Starting this Friday, Capitol Hill will have a significant increase in Russian dumplings. Vostok Dumpling House is scheduled to open its doors to the public the evening of Friday, May 3rd. Since I first saw the propaganda-inspired posters on the windows of the building over a month ago, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Vostok’s opening. Located next to Marination Station in Capitol Hill (the former location of a Chinese restaurant), Vostok will be serving pelmeni, vareniki, and a variety of local microbrews and soviet imports. While the restaurant will have a few booths and counter seating, it’s also great for on-the-go eating as well.

Admittedly, I have more of an interest in opening day than the average consumer, as I will be working there once it opens. But this is one of those rare occurrences where I am actually really, really jazzed about my employment. I contacted the owner of Vostok back when I saw the posters, and asked if they were hiring. Besides enjoying Russian cuisine, I’m interested in the restaurant business and find the opportunity to work for a company that’s just starting out to be exciting and a great learning experience. So far, it’s been cool to see a bit behind the scenes, and I look forward to watching Vostok grow.

Luckily, I was able to use a bit of my strategic communication thinking skills (I guess not everything I’ve learned in my communications classes has gone to waste) and suggested that Vostok reach out to the student community in the Capitol Hill area. Along with reaching out to the college crowd, Vostok’s already done a great job utilizing social media to generate buzz (and hopefully a line out the door) before even opening. I’ve also noticed that the owner has a great understanding of the neighborhood– he worked with the landlord to make sure Vostok will be able to stay open late on weekends (until 2am) for the bar crowd, and the interior of the restaurant will showcase artwork and photography from local artists. While the food may be traditional, the feeling of the restaurant is perfectly modern and Seattle.


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