Do posters still work? Yes, yes they do.

With advanced technology and an increasingly-online society, it’s hard to imagine that more “archaic” forms of advertising are still pretty darn effective.

Take posters, for example.

Living in Capitol Hill, I see a ton of posters every day. Every street post, every empty wall, and even half the windows of stores and restaurants are littered with flyers and posters advertising everything from upcoming concerts to paid research studies. Yeah, it’s a lot of clutter, and you’d think that because there are so many, the messages would all get lost.

But oddly enough, I often find myself stopping and taking second glances on my way down Pike. (“Is Heatwarmer really playing this Saturday?”) Despite the over-saturation of printed media, posters still manage to catch my eye, and it’s the main way I find out about a lot of upcoming events in the area.

Having a catchy poster is entirely worth it. Of course, I may initially be drawn to words I recognize, but if a poster’s got cool or unusual art on it, I’m also likely to stop and read it.

And they aren’t just for bands to advertise their upcoming shows. Before Vostok opened, the owner had flyers put up all over Capitol Hill– a month later, we still get people that come in and tell us they found out about us because of the posters.


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