Adventures in Naming: What goes into a “Secret Sauce”?

While working at Vostok, I’ve had the chance to be involved in some of the creativity that goes behind marketing and branding a small business.

Most recently, we created a special house sauce to add to the 4 options already on the menu. The house sauce packs a punch, and after trying it with some of the dumplings, we knew it was a keeper…We just had to name it. My boss (who created the sauce) wanted to give it a catchy name that really caught customers’ eyes. Something that would be easy to remember, and would work well should Vostok carry a bottled version of the sauce in the future.

After a few minutes of deliberation, we decided to call it KGB sauce– a reference, of course to the infamous Soviet institution. Why KGB? It’s short, and since the sauce is a “secret” sauce, we thought the theme lent itself nicely.

Since putting it on the menu a week ago, the KGB sauce has been popular among customers and we’ve gotten great feedback on both the flavor, and the name. Who knows, maybe bottling it will be in the near future…



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